Teaching Skills and Methodology - Fall 2019

Course Category: Education | Level 1 Course

Click here to view a short segment of this course: Teaching Skills and Methodology for Elementary with Ustadha Safiyyah Salaam

Course Code: EDU 101

InstructorUstadha Safiyyah Salaam

Length: 1 term (14 weeks)

Course Dates: September 9 - December 9, 2019
Timings: Mondays, 8:00 pm CST/1:00 am UK Click here to convert to your own time zone.

Classes last approximately 1 hour each. Live attendance is not required but recommended whenever possible. Recordings of the sessions will be made available for registered students who cannot attend live.

Daylight savings time will go into effect in the United States on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019. Depending on where you live, this may or may not affect your class timing. In countries where DST is not applied at all, class will be one hour later starting November 3rd.

Offered: This course is offered in the Fall term of each year.


  1. Students should be women above the age of 17.
  2. Successful completion of at least one Ribaat Level 1 core course.

Course Description: This introductory level course provides aspiring and veteran teachers opportunities to learn and practice effective teaching strategies for students enrolled in Islamic Studies programs. During this course we will examine components of skillful teaching including deep learning, lesson planning, classroom management, nurturing the Prophetic model of emotional and moral intelligence, assessment, professionalism, and upbringing within an Islamic framework. Students will be expected to complete a midterm and final along with one course project.

Course Requirements: Students are expected to attend the weekly online lectures, complete one or more weekly assignments, read the assigned material, write one research paper, and review and sit for a final exam.

Registration Fee: Non-refundable, non-transferable

Students will have access to course forums, recordings, and files until the first day of the next term.

$100.00 (not including the cost of the course materials)

$20.00 late registration fee after September 7th (if seats are available)

Additional $5.00 auditing fee.


Required: With the Heart in Mind: the Moral and Emotional Intelligence of the Prophet, by Mikaeel Ahmed Smith

Recommended: Deep Learning: Engage the world change the world, 1st edition, by Michael Fullan, Joanne Quinn, and Joanne McEachen

Students are responsible for ordering their textbooks before the start of class. Ribaat textbooks are available to enrolled students at a discounted rate through Daybreak Press Global Bookshop. Once enrolled, students will have access to the discount code through the course forum.


For inquiries, contact registration@rabata.org